How is NOVA TECH different?

NOVA TECH will prepare students in grades 9-12 for post-secondary education programs – four-year, two-year, or certificate programs – by using innovative learning models (project-based learning and blended learning) AND exposure to technical and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers.

What is Blended Learning?

It happens inside the classroom, but part of the instruction is delivered online through specialized programs that allow the student to learn at their own pace and path. Teacher instruction and peer collaboration are combined with computer activities.  Students in "blended" environments take tests and are assessed on how much they have learned. The key is the "personalized" nature of learning: that technology makes it possible
for students who either learn differently or have different interests to encounter material presented in a way
that is engaging and meaningful to them. 

To learn more visit www.christenseninstitute.org/blended-learning/.

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an effective and enjoyable way to learn. With opportunities to apply academics to real world projects, students become active learners. When students are more interested in learning, they do better. After completing a project, students remember what they learn and retain it longer than with traditional learning. They are also better at applying the information to new situations. An important part of PBL is learning to solve problems, work collaboratively, communicate ideas, and be creative innovators, all things that students will need to do in their careers. Students also get to use modern technology allowing them to connect with experts, partners, and audiences around the world; and they use technology to find resources and information, create products, and collaborate more effectively.

(From the Buck Institute for Education www.bie.org)

What is GPS and how does it fit into NOVA Tech?

A: GPS Education Partners is a non-profit organization that prepares high school juniors and seniors for continued education, meaningful careers, and productive lives through immersive work-based education programs. The organization has been changing the lives of students since 2000. Through a unique and nationally recognized hands-on program, completely immersed in the business environment, GPS has successfully prepared students to continued education and meaningful careers.

GPS creates partnerships between local businesses and schools to meet the needs of non- traditional high school learners. These partnerships offer an educational program that provides students with an opportunity
to earn their high school diploma and credentials through an integrated learning experience, linking academic standards with real world applications.

At NOVA Tech, 16 students who are going into their junior year will have the opportunity to apply for inclusion in the GPS program. These students will receive academic instruction at a business partner location as well
as put real skills to work and get paid for their work. Many of these students will receive credits and credentials to be applied to post-secondary programs, getting a head start to their career.

To learn more visit www.gpsed.org.

How will students learn about technical and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)?

Through a sizable database of mentors working in technical and STEM fields, students will actively learn about fast-growing and well-paying jobs. Our passionate mentors will share their own stories about how they arrived at their current positions. The role of our mentors is to inspire students to see themselves in lots of different careers and to realize that there are many paths to get to those careers. In fact, people with just an associates degree or occupational certificate will fill 50% of the job openings that require post-secondary education.

(From Georgetown Center)