NOVA Tech’s Mission and Vision

The NOVA Tech High School community believes that the mission of our school is to support all students
by providing them with challenging educational opportunities via blended learning, PBL and community partnerships which will prepare them to be globally aware citizens of the 21st century. To succeed in this mission, we recognize that our students must demonstrate competence in oral and written communication; understand effective and responsible use of technology; and develop critical thinking, problem solving,
and creativity. In addition, it is critical that our students respect and contribute to the diverse, multicultural community and international community in which they live.

NOVA Tech prepares students in grades 9-12 for employment and/or post-secondary education programs aimed for achieving technical and STEM (science, technology engineering, and math) careers.

NOVA Tech Offers Multiple Pathways to Technical Careers and Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

TransCenter for Youth, the umbrella organization that manages four successful schools – Shalom High School, El Puente, NOVA, and Escuela Verde – is launching its newest school NOVA Tech in fall of 2014 with initial enrollment of 100 students in grades 9-12.

Nova Tech will provide educational opportunities and develop career pathways for high school students interested in STEM and technical fields.

Students will graduate ready for post-secondary education programs (four-year or two-year colleges),
or enter the workforce with the necessary skills and/or certifications. They will all be prepared to be active citizens AND have options to decide their future.

NOVA Tech’s Unique Approach

21st Century Learning – What determines real success is the way academics is applied through communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving. Our innovative learning models include the following: Blended Learning and Project-based Learning. All three models allow students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, to have more access to teachers, to apply their learning
to hands-on projects, and to collaborate in teams.

Preparation for Post-Secondary Programs and Careers – Student interests will be integrated into hands-on, real world projects that relate to community and business needs. There will be broad exposure to technical careers and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), plus some students will participate in the GPS Education Partners Program (more below).

Special Focus on Attracting Girls to Technology

The number of young women majoring in computer science in college is dwindling, and women and girls
are underrepresented in science and technology. (Girls in STEM and ICT Careers: The Path Toward
Gender Equality)

Nova Tech will foster the growth of young women in STEM and technical careers by focusing on recommended areas: (1) Access and skills, (2) Relevance to their lives; (3) Empowerment; (4) Combatting stereotypes about women and girls in science.

Partnership with GPS Education Partners Offers Head Start to Careers

Incoming juniors will be able to apply to a 21-month program that provides instruction in core academics applied to manufacturing, participate in a Youth Apprenticeship Program and receive pay for work. Graduates receive a H.S. diploma, earn a two-year Youth Apprenticeship Certificate from the Dept. of Workforce Development, gain real-work experience, and have an opportunity to earn advanced standing within the
WI Technical College System.

NOVA Tech Co-Directors

Antoinette Curtis (acurtis@novatechhs.org)